Dave Baker
Over 15 years of agency and freelance experience in graphic design and brand development for B2B, B2C, Government and Non-Profit organizations worldwide.

Who I Help
1. Organizations looking for an experienced graphic design professional.
2. Agencies in need of extra bandwidth in creative talent.

How I Help
By consistently delivering successful print and digital communications based on strategic insight and sound design principles – from concept to completion – on-time and on-budget.

Process & Philosophy
Understand the client’s needs. Identify the target audience. Determine the appropriate message & medium. Make it visually engaging. In that order.

Design should always look good, however the success of a design solution is ultimately dependent on understanding client objectives, determining a clear strategy that will achieve those objectives and making sure that a meaningful connection is made with the defined target audience. Because design done right isn’t arbitrary.

Tactical. Analytical. Efficient.
It is a misconception that all good designers are right-brain creatives. In reality it takes a complimentary mindset to effectively and efficiently manage projects, to see every minute detail as well as the big picture, to connect the dots between business principles, client objectives and customer experience, and to utilize deep production expertise to enhance process, execution, visual impact, and ultimately the bottom line.

A Partner (Not a Supplier)
The most successful client relationships are when there is true designer-client integration. To become a team member. To take ownership of a project. To become immersed in Agencies and Organizations and truly understand what makes them tick, and translate the experience in a way that is relevant 
and meaningful to their audience.

Client Experience
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