Miscellaneous Debris
Sometimes projects come along that are a little adventurous and a bit of a departure from the norm; “one-offs” with a unique objective and sometimes even a little disassociated from a brands bigger picture.
Be it a custom gift for high-level clients, product launch collateral or a retail application that captures the random energy of youth culture, some projects require a creative freedom not often found in typical brand communications, and the removal of restraints can have unique and refreshing results.
dave. Logo Applications & Business Card
Revision Executive Gift: Custom Cigar Box
Zuyderzee Capital Corporate Identity (CCDESIGN)
Zuyderzee Capital Corporate Identity Alternate Concepts (CCDESIGN)
Revision Hellfly Product Launch Party Lanyard
Streetsville Logo & Wordpress Template (Lightbox Visual Communications)
Gleener Mod Squad Logo, Product Word Marks + Social Media Images (Facebook, Instagram)
Service Icons for Lift Agency Inc.
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